Welcome to Summer 2018
Downtown Parking Incentive Program

The Parking Challenge starts on Wednesday, August 1 and ends Saturday, September 22nd, 2018.

In conjunction with Friends of Pathways and the Chamber of Commerce, the downtown business merchants are excited to offer the Summer 2018 Downtown Parking Incentive Program. Everyone who participates will be entered into a raffle to win some serious prizes including a weekend ski pass at JHMR, $500 cash, and all kinds of meals and merch from our local businesses. The prize party will be at Snake River Brewing on Tuesday, Sept. 25th.

Employees who work at participating businesses will receive $1 every day they walk, bike, bus, carpool, or park in the parking garage. Further, ANYONE who walks, bikes, or buses to work will receive 2 raffle entries/day. Those who carpool or park in the parking garage will receive one raffle entry/day. When participants sign up, they will also receive one raffle entry.

GRAND PRIZE (raffle drawing)
Weekend ski pass to JHMR

Other raffle prizes   

$500 cash

And more….
We are still collecting raffle prizes from our local businesses.

Only one prize rewarded to each person.

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