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Commuter Choice Challenge!

The Commuter Choice Challenge starts on Monday, June 4th and ends Sunday June 17th, 2018.

Friends of Pathways is excited to bring you the tenth annual Commuter Choice Challenge. Participants have the opportunity to compete on their own and with a team, logging commutes to and from work when biking, walking, carpooling or riding the START bus.

Prizes are awarded to individuals who log the most miles and the most trips. Additionally, one lucky Grand Prize winner will receive two VIP tickets to the Rendezvous concert in Teton Village on March 17, 2018.

GRAND PRIZE (most miles and most trips) TBD
1st PLACE (most miles) TBD
2nd PLACE (most trips) TBD
3rd PLACE (random selected winner) TBD
Only one prize rewarded to each person.

Here’s how it works


Create An Account

Take 30 seconds to create your free account.


Log Your Miles

With your account, you can log the miles (aka your ‘trips’) for any daily commuting you do for work.


Review Your Stats

As you and other participants log your miles, we’ll show you real-time stats: how many trips you’ve made, miles you’ve ridden, gas money you’ve saved, and CO2 emissions you’ve eliminated.

Not only will you be able to see your own stats, but you’ll be able to compare and compete with other riders (if that’s your thing.)

Active Participants
Total Mileage
Total Trips
Active Mileage
Calories Burned
CO2 diverted